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In 1962 in Augusta, Georgia - Western Sizzlin company founder Nick Pascarella discovered a unique way of grilling steaks. If searing the bottom of the steak made it juicy, he reasoned that adding flames to the top would make them twice as good. He was right and the world famous FlameKistŪ steak was born! This unique process locks in the flavor as the steak is seared to a savory perfection.

What is Flamekist?

Flamekist- flaym.kist (adj) 1) a method of grilling by using flames both on the top and the bottom of the meat to open the grain of the steak to allow the flavor to penetrate and then sear the edges to thus enhance the flavors and preserve the juices. 2) The art of perfect steaks. 3) The flavor you can only find at Western Sizzlin.

Western Sizzlin serves only the finest steaks. In the cooking process, our steaks are specially seasoned with Gold DustŪ, a Western Sizzlin proprietary recipe. The combination of the Pascarellas original cooking technique and one-of-a-kind seasoning brought Nick and his wife Nora, an impeccable reputation for serving the most succulent tasting steak around. As one of our franchisees says, "We've got a special juicy flavor that only Western Sizzlin has!" But don't just take our word for it, ask anyone who has ever had one, and they'll tell you about it.


Nick's concept was just too good to keep to himself. In 1966 he responded to requests and began selling franchises nationally.




Open 7 days a week * Monday thru Saturday 11am-10pm * Sunday 10am-10pm


Welcome to the Western Sizzlin Restaurant in Altus, Oklahoma where you will find the best tasting filet steaks, rib eye steaks and sirloin steaks in town.


The Western Sizzlin in Altus is a family restaurant that has an excellent buffet serving a variety of different items every day and evening of the week. The buffet includes a hot and cold salad bar and dessert bar.


Come dine with us, enjoy lunch and dinner at a reasonable cost.




Our steaks have that special juicy flavor that only Western Sizzlin has! But don't just take our word for it, ask anyone who has ever had one, and they'll tell you about it.


In addition to great steaks, you'll find a variety of other tasty entrees like chicken, seafood, country vegetables and hot fresh baked breads and desserts.


If you're looking for a family restaurant that serves a quality meal at an exceptional value; look no further.


Every evening at the 5pm buffet we have all the sirloin steak you can eat.





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